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The RF master implements communication with RF peripheral modules and transmits the acquired data via the system communication bus (TCL2) to the superior basic module.

The master is implemented as an external peripheral module of the system communication bus TCL2, labelled as RF-1131.

One RF master can serve up to 64 peripheral RF modules. The Tecomat Foxtrot basic module serves one internal RF master and up to 4 external RF masters.


Fig. 1. A terminal connection of the external RFox master RF-1131


The RF-1131 external master is connected to the PLC Tecomat Foxtrot via binding interface circuits terminated at A1 to A3 terminal blocks labelled as the TC LINE.


Fig. 2. Connecting the RF-1131 module to the PLC TECOMAT Foxtrot


On the side of the PLC, the TCL2 communication line has impedance termination inside the PLC. On the side of the RF-1131 module, it is necessary to execute the impedance termination of the line. The termination is executed using the KB-0290 (TXN 102 90, 120Ω) terminating element, which is connected between the TCL2+ and TCL2- terminals. This terminating element is included in the Tecomat Foxtrot package. If there are other modules on the TCL2 communication line; the termination is always carried out at the end of the whole line!


Powering the module

The RF master requires a 24VDC power supply for the operation. The power supply source used for powering the CPU can also be used for the RF master. The internal RF master is powered directly by the CPU internal circuits; external master power supply is connected to + 24V and GND terminals.


An antenna for the RF master

The RFox master requires for its function an external antenna, which should be plugged in the SMA connector on the front panel. Either an antenna directly screwed in the module can be used, or an antenna with a shielded cable to be located outside the control panel. For more information about antennas suitable for an RF master (and also for RFox peripheral modules with a SMA connector for external antenna connection) see Chapter Antennas for SMS modem and RFox.