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The R resistors for powering passive sensors do not have to be obtained and manually fitted in the application; the ready-to-use MT-1691 module can be inserted in the bottom terminal block in accordance with Fig..3 and the free end of the wire should then be fastened in the A9 terminal of the IT-1604 module (like with the older IT-1601).

The outlets of the MT-1691 resistive element should be inserted directly into the terminal, along with connecting cables. (We recommend to insert the connecting wires under the pins of the resistive element.) The unused outlets of the resistive element can be broken off and these inputs can then be used as analogue inputs with a different range. However, the only pins that can be broken off are those at the end where no wire with a reference voltage is terminated. The SW configuration is performed in the Mosaic programming environment.

Fig. 1 Connecting the MT-1691 resistive element to the IT-1601 module.



  1. This connection can also be used for backward compatibility with the IT-1604 module (e.g. fora service exchange, etc.).