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The module is no longer for sale

The R-OR-0001B module is equipped with 1 relay with a switching contact and a 230VAC switching output. Both the power supply and the output of the module are terminated by 100 mm long insulated wires. Continuous current on each output is 16A, brief inrush current up to 80 A (for max. 20 ms) - see more detailed information about the relays used. The module is in a plastic box in the version for the flush box (built-in design).

The module is designed to switch the capacitive (electronic power supplies for LED lamps, switching power supplies, etc.) and inductive loads. It is also suitable to switch 1ph sockets.

The module is powered directly from the 230 VAC grid.

Fig. 1. The basic connection of the C-OR-0001B module



  1. The grid power supply voltage (L) is switched directly on the DO1 output, and it also powers the module internal circuitry.

  2. The isolation voltage between the outlet contacts is 1,000 VAC.

  3. Inductive load is dealt with (if necessary) by an external element: an RC member, a varistor, a diode (DC), see the Chapter Interference suppression, application of interference suppression elements.

  4. The module is designed for assembly in the flush box - a deep box under the socket, or in an independent standard box KU68, etc.

  5. The contact of the relays used is 16 A for continuous current, an inrush current up to 800 A.

  6. The module inputs and outputs are terminated by insulated wires with a stranded core with the cross-section of 1.5 mm2 (CYA 1.5), the length approx.100mm, terminated with a pressed-on sleeve without a collar.