Input and output properties 16.03.2020 18:26 16.03.2020 18:26

Individual temperature sensors differ not just in the temperature measurement range, but above all in their sensitivity and characteristics. This also influences the measurement accuracy and resolution of the measured value (the smallest measurable step).

The sensors with high accuracy and stability - the Pt1000, Ni1000 - have also the lowest sensitivity, so if universal measurement inputs are used (mostly AI/DI on the CFox and RFox modules) they have a worse resolution; usually the smallest measurable step is 0.3 °C. Softening the step can be achieved by turning on the filtration in the module configuration, where the unit filter (e.g. 5 seconds) visibly smoothes the movement of the measured value, which is suitable e.g. for the heating control loop, etc.

Conversely, e.g. the NTC sensors (NTC 12k and others) achieve a higher resolution - typically better than 0.1 °C, but in turn they have a higher measurement absolute error.