Input and output properties 16.03.2020 19:11 16.03.2020 19:17

The CFox and RFox modules (DI) digital inputs provide a reliable assessment even of a short switching. A short pulse T1 is extended, so that for at least one cycle of the system, max. 500 ms (depending on the type of module and the system setup) is log. 1 in the corresponding bit variable of the input DI. It is always a short switching! The opening duration T2 must be long enough for the system to evaluate it reliably (about 250 ms at least 1)).


T1 time of switching the input, min. 5 ÷ 30 ms according to the type of module (the system automatically extends the pulse).

T2 duration of opening the input, min. 250-550 ms 1) (for a reliable assessment).

log.1 input (the connected contact S1) switched (the system variable displays it as "1" or "True").

log.0 input (the connected contact S1) open (the system variable displays ii as "0" or "False").

1) The opening duration depends on the length of the previous switching - a short pulse (T1) is automatically extended up to 500ms, and only afterwards the system can evaluate the switching off (log. 0). So correct assessment of the opening can only be done if the total time is observed - T1 + T2, at least 750 ms (500 + 250 ms).