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The flood sensor is designed to indicate breakdown situations (e.g. water leaks) in boiler rooms, heat exchangers and similar devices. The sensor is placed in a plastic case suitable for direct mounting on the wall with two screws. The sensor belongs in the category of conductivity types of sensors. When the electrodes placed in the bottom part of the sensor box are connected by a conductible medium, the connected module evaluates the status of the flooding, and the signal is transmitted to the control system. The actual DS sensor should be connected to the module with a respective input for flooding, e.g. the C-AM-0600I or the C-HM-0308M.


Parameters of the DS flood sensor

Ambient temperature

-30 to 60 °C



Connecting wires

Max. 15 mm2

External dimensions of the sensor box

92 x 91 x 36 mm


Fig. 1. Connecting the DS flood sensor to the C-AM-0600I module



  1. The probe should be connected to the module input with a two-wire shielded cable (maximum recommended length 15 m); the 0.5 mm wire diameter is sufficient, e.g. the SYKFY 2x2x0.5. The polarity is irrelevant.