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Removing of snow from roads, pavements, stairs, ramps and emergency exits is implemented by electrical heating systems. Given the significant power consumption, it is advisable to use the optimum control (to limit the operation to the shortest necessary period); sometimes an appropriate coordination with other heat appliances is useful, i.e. avoiding parallel operation of several heating appliances (heating defrosting system, hot water electric heaters, a bivalent source of the heat pump, etc.) so as not to exceed the installed capacity (of the lowest possible value of the main circuit breaker) while maintaining the comfort; in some installations this may even be a necessity due to the low-voltage distribution system limitations in the area.

The following chapter, Defrosting outdoor spaces, provides a basic example of integration and connection of sensors and actuators necessary for controlling the defrosting of outdoor areas.


In some buildings it is highly recommended to install a heating system to protect gutters from frost to avoid damaging the roof, the gutters and protect people’s health. These systems are also suitable for integration into the Foxtrot control system by direct processing of the sensors input and by controlling the heating elements.

The article Defrosting gutters presents a basic example of the connection of sensors and controls for the implementation of the heating system for the protection of gutters.