Water pressure 01.03.2020 09:46 04.03.2020 17:54

Continuous measurement of water pressure in the heating circuit (monitoring a potential leakage of water, refilling, etc.) can be provided by the DMP 331 pressure sensor (order number is DMP 331 110-6001-1-3-100-100-1-000), which is designed to measure the pressure in the heating systems in the range from 0 to 600 kPa.


The connection is designed as a standard current loop 4 to 20mA; it can be connected e.g.to the C-IT-0200I module (see an example in Chapter 11.8.1).


The type (order number)

DMP 331 110-6001-1-3-100-100-1-000

The range of the measured pressure

0 ÷ 600 kPa


G 1/2 threading


4 ÷ 20 mA


Fig. 1. Pressure sensor – mechanical design, threaded joint