Water level 01.03.2020 09:31 04.03.2020 17:54

The C-IS-0504M module can be used for monitoring water levels in the tanks, e.g. for control of irrigation systems, etc. Monitoring of level in water tanks by DC measurement of resistive sensor is not recommended due to the destruction of electrodes by electrolysis. The same applies to the flood detectors.

You can connect two conductivity probes to the module (e.g. the PS-2 and PS-3 immersion probes manufactured by MAVE), see the following Fig., and monitor e.g. the maximum and minimum water level.

At the same time the module can directly control the pump of the irrigation system, and via two relay outputs it can also directly control valves for two irrigation circuits.

Three universal inputs can be used for metering water flow, measuring temperature, etc.


Fig. 1. Connecting the C-IS-0504M module with two conductivity probes for monitoring water levels.


  1. Flooded temperature sensors have resistance of tens of kΩ, emersed resistance electrodes exhibit a resistance exceeding 100 kΩ.