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The S-RS-01I precipitation detector is designed to detect precipitation for automatic drawing of awnings or closing roof windows; it is connected to the C-IS-0504M module, which provides the power supply for the heating and measurement of the detector. The unused inputs and outputs can be used as general AI/DI and DO.

The module provides continuous heating and control of the sensor, which makes it possible to set the sensor so as to eliminate detection of fog and dew, or conversely, set the sensor so that also e.g. falling dew is detected. Similarly to the position of the solar radiation sensor, the detector should be preferably mounted with approx. 45 ° angle, so that water would run down and wash falling dirt.


Fig. 1. Basic wiring of the C-IS-0504M module to the S-RS-01M precipitation detector



  1. The length of the cable between the S-RS-01I sensor and the C-IS-0504M module may be up to approx. 20m; any cable will do, e.g. SYKFY, UTP, etc. It is necessary to take into account the placement of the cable in an outdoor environment.

  2. The detector has a separately terminated NTC12k temperature sensor (grey wires), its owns moisture sensor (black wires) and the heating element (yellow wires), always without distinguishing polarity.

  3. The temperature sensor is fitted with a standard 12k NTC thermistor; the humidity sensor is measured as resistance in the range of about ten kΩ (the wet sensor) up to 1 MΩ (the dry sensor), the heating element with 24 VDC power supply has a power of approx. 2 W.

  4. All wires are inside a 100 mm-long box, the stranded wires are terminated with a pressed-on sleeve.