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Measuring solar radiation can be done by the S-SI-01I module, which should be connected to the analogue inputs of the modules C-HM-0308M, C(R)-HM-1113M or C(R)-HM-1121M.

The solar radiation sensor uses for its own measurement of intensity a monocrystalline silicon solar cell with an integrated temperature sensor; it is used for a temperature compensation of the solar cell.

The level of intensity (W/m2) is calculated using the function in the programming environment, where you need to enter the specific sensor calibration constant; it is written on the label on the internal side of the cap, and it should be copied before the sensor is mounted.


Fig. 1 Connecting the solar radiation sensor S-SI-01I to the C-HM-0308M module



  1. The intensity sensor output is connected to the AI1 input, the NTC 12k temperature sensor (used for the temperature correction of the measurement) is connected to the AI2 input. - N.B: It cannot be used for measuring the outdoor temperature!

  2. In the example the temperature sensor is connected to the AI3 input (e.g. an outdoor temperature sensor).

  3. Input AI1 must be set to a measurement range of 100 mV

  4. The sensor outlets (terminated in the underside of the cap S-SI-01I) can be extended with a cable; a shielded cable is recommended, with the minimum diameter of the wire 0.5mm and a maximum length approx. 10-20 meters (it can be even be longer, but then it is necessary to use a correctly connected shielded cable and avoid parallel layout with power lines).