Air quality 29.02.2020 12:34 04.03.2020 17:47

The module is no longer for sale, it is replaced by the C-AQ-0006R module.

The C-AQ-0003R module is a spatial sensor sensitive to the gaseous pollutants in the air. The sensor exhibits a high sensitivity to low concentrations of gaseous pollutants, such as e.g. carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which are found in cigarette smoke. It is therefore suitable for the ventilation of areas contaminated with cigarette smoke. The sensor is also suitable for preliminary detection of alcohol vapours, leak detection of gases such as methane, propane-butane, natural gas, etc. Measuring the air pollution works on the semiconductor basis. The sensitive semiconductor element changes its conductivity in relation to the air pollution. This change in conductivity is further processed by embedded electronics. The sensor is sensitive to the substances contained in cigarette smoke, and it also exhibits sensitivity to other organic vapours, including various deodorants, fragrances, odours and such like. Furthermore, the sensor demonstrates certain sensitivity to relative humidity of air, and good long-term stability.


Some examples of detected sources of pollution: cigarette smoke, cooking fumes and also rotting materials of organic origin.

Applications:For controlling ventilation systems, ventilation control in restaurants, offices, business premises, locker rooms, smoking rooms, homes, flats, etc.



The sensor is not designed for safety indication, e.g. gas leakage or smoke detectors (as a replacement of fire detectors).



The connection of the sensor to the CIB bus, its mechanical dimensions and mounting data are identical with the C-AQ-0001R module.